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Regardless of the size, type or location of a roofing project, you are probably being asked if high-performance, resource-efficient building solutions would be an appropriate enhancement to the project specifications. You can help building owners save energy, meet green building standards and get a better return on their commercial roofing investment with Firestone’s full line of sustainable commercial systems and accessories.

Our EnviroReady™ Roofing System and Warranty gives owners the option to install a pre-approved premium conventional roof today and upgrade that roofing project with green technology, including photovoltaic and garden systems, forup to seven years from the date of installation. The EnviroReady System and Warranty provides the assurance that no service interruptions in coverage will occur before, during or after environmental roofing upgrades.

For more information about some of Firestone’s most environmentally friendly products and systems, please follow the links below.

Recycle Your Roof

In addition to providing energy saving roofing solutions, Firestone wants to assist in your eco-friendly efforts at the end of your roof’s life cycle. We invite you to take advantage of our strategic industry recycling partnership before you begin your next tear-off project. According to a recent study by the EPDM Roofing Association (ERA), as of the end of the 1st quarter 2012, more than 13.5 million square feet of EPDM membrane have been recycled since the program’s inception. That total is believed to make EPDM the leading recycled commercial roofing prouct in North America. In all, roughly 3.5 million pounds of reclaimed EPDM membrane has been diverted from landfills in the first few years of the project.

Green Roofing Resources

LEED Guide Book(602.23 kB)

Green Literature

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