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Technical Info

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Firestone Canada understands the importance of maintaining our position as leaders  in quality and innovation. It’s part of being a responsible partner. That’s why we provide you with the most current and reliable technical information available—all in one place. Access documentation, specs, drawings and more for our wide range of roofing and landscape & lining products, and get a total building envelope solution.

Download the latest Firestone Canada literature and brochures.

Access SDS for all of Firestone's roofing products and accessories.

Get down to details. View and download updated TIS.

Reference all drawings and detailed drawings (downloads available in PDF and DWG).

Download design guides, code approval guides, product selection guides and more.

Find up-to-code products and accessories.

Access industry-leading warranties for the entire building envelope.

View and download Firestone Canada's full current Product Lists.