Photovoltaic (PV) Warranty Considerations

Environmentally conscious building owners are increasingly considering photovoltaic (PV) systems as a way to increase energy efficiency in their buildings. While these systems have many advantages, they can also increase a roof’s potential for leaks and damage due to increased rooftop foot traffic and additional attachments to the existing roofing membrane. In light of that, special measures need to be taken in order to obtain or continue a warranty when a Firestone roofing system is used as a PV platform.

Before any PV installation begins on an existing Firestone warranted roofing system, a PV Roof Alteration Form must be completed. Upon receipt, Firestone Canada will provide details of any enhancements required before installation can commence. Coordination with the Firestone Roofing Solutions Department is also required for new construction or reroof projects. In addition, a post-PV roof audit is needed in order to maintain the existing Firestone warranty on all PV installations. An Overburden Waiver also needs to be completed prior to issuance of a Firestone Warranty.

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